Enrolling at our school


Welcome to Spring Mountain State School, we are currently taking enrolments for 2019 and future enrolments for 2020.

Please follow the steps below, you can download the steps as a PDF.

Step 1

Fill out the appropriate EOI form 

2019- EOI for enrolment (PDF, 656KB)

2020- EOI for enrolment 2020 (PDF, 695KB)

Email to You will be emailed back confirming your child’s principal place of residence is within Spring Mountain catchment area and you can proceed with your child/ren’s enrolment.

Step 2

Download and fill in the following forms from our website. They are both digital fillable forms. If you have a digital signature please use them (we will get you to sign again when you come in for your interview), if not print, sign and scan.

Step 3

Provide proof of residency. You will need to provide two artefacts:

  • One primary source – a current lease agreement, rates notice, or unconditional contract of sale (if building we need both land and house).
  • One secondary source – a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent’s/legal guardian’s name. If you are building you will need to provide a statutory declaration stating your current address and that you are building within Spring Mountain State School’s catchment with the intent of the house being your principal place of residence and your proposed move in date.

Step 4

Email the Step 3 and Step 4 to

Step 5

You will be contacted for an enrolment meeting. These meeting will consist of a small group information session with the principal or deputy principal about the school. You will be given a parent handbook and the enrolment agreement. This is also a great opportunity to meet other families attending Spring Mountain SS.

Prep parents will also be contacted about our Pre-Prep program and open days. 

Step 6

(Optional) - After the enrolment meeting you can request a one-on-one interview to discuss you child in more detail with the school. You might request this if your child has special needs, a medical concerns, complex family arrangements or any other reason you deem important.

You can do this at the enrolment meeting or by emailing

As stated all our processes and policies will be explained during the interview meeting. A couple of things that may be of interest before the interview.


We will be a full uniform school. The uniform has been designed in consultation with the community reference group. The design can be seen on our website. We will be selling them through the school, we are hoping to have samples ready for your child to try on at the enrolment meeting to help you determine sizing.

BYO iPads

We are a BYO iPad school for Years 1-6. More information about this program can be found under the curriculum section of the website. 


Last reviewed 29 July 2019
Last updated 29 July 2019